Have you had a hard time finding guitar or piano lessons for your young child?

Have you ever wanted to learn to read music or play an instrument, but found it difficult to master?

Success Music Studio offers conventional teaching methods for traditional learners, and specializes in multisensory strategies for instructing young students (as young as four years old) and students with learning disabilities, giftedness, and select special needs students.

Award Winning Students

  • Massachusetts All-State
  • Massachusetts Divisionals
  • MACS Competition
  • Cameron Middle School: Highest Achievement in Music
  • George Revelas Award


  • Two Free Lessons (call for details)
  • Multisensory strategies
  • Patient and encouraging teaching
  • Fun, fulfilling, relaxed, and friendly music lessons
  • Steady progress

Additional Information

Proven Quality

Since Success Music Studio opened in 2005, 90% of people who took the trial lessons continued on as formal students.


Piano 8Students With Learning Disabilities Will Learn Techniques That Help With

Reading rhythms and notes better
Reducing performance anxiety
Reducing confusion
Controlling distractibility


Musically Gifted Children

“Unlike artistically gifted children, musically gifted children typically have formal out-of-school training in their domain of gift. Private music teachers play an important role in shaping musical giftedness.”

 –Ellen Winner


Not all Music Teachers are Created Equal

Had a bad music lesson experience? Try Success Music Studio for a better experience!

Teaching Teachers

Success Music Studio is now teaching music teachers.

Click here to see a Success Music Studio guitar student performing.


Click here to see a video of a Success Music Studio keyboard student performing classical music.

Success Music Studio is located in Sudbury and serves the metro-west area of Massachusetts, USA. Particularly: Sudbury, Marlborough, Maynard, Hudson, Stow, Concord, Lincoln, Wayland, Framingham.