Have you ever been frustrated
by a student you could not teach?

Would you like to experience less
turnover in your schedule?

The Course Features:
  • Six to ten hours of instruction depending on the instrument(s) covered
  • Hands on multisensory examples
  • Observation opportunities
  • Links to Success Music Studio website for Success Music Studio trained teachers
  • Visualization exercises that will help your students to concentrate and perform better

160 Page Teacher Information Pack Includes:

  • Detailed instrument oriented instruction manuals (74 pages)
  • Twelve articles authored by Geoffrey Keith (57 pages)
  • Recommended reading list of music and LD books & articles (4 pages)
  • Teaching aids (24 pages)

Since Success Music Studio opened in 2005
90% of the people who took the trial lessons
continued on as formal students.
Reduce your turnover today!
978-440-9966  I  geoff@successmusicstudio.com
“Geoff’s approaches to teaching are one of a kind. His methods are well researched and cater to the visual-spatial learning style by employing unique, multisensory techniques. I’m so glad took Geoff’s course and I certainly plan on using his teaching techniques.”
-Melissa Blasek
(Southern New Hampshire Music Teacher)

“Geoff’s methods are practical, effective, easy to use, and produce positive results. They are also applicable beyond the scope for which they were originally intended. Plus, it’s a pleasure to work with him.”
-Joanna Katzen
(North Quabbin Massachusetts Music Teacher)