What Parents And Students Say About The Lessons

“You’ve taught me all I know about guitar, music, theory, the business, and songwriting… You’ve always believed in me, in every endeavor. Thank you, for everything. And I really do mean everything. You’re awesome.” (Music business major in college.)

“Geoff has done a terrific job with Kyle. I see a great improvement in his playing and confidence this semester. I used to have to ask him to turn his volume up during jazz band practice, and now I have to ask him to turn his volume down.” (Quote of an e-mail from the jazz band teacher to the parent of a guitarist with LD and executive functioning issues.)

“Hi Geoff… I just wanted to tell you thank you. Joe’s really coming out of his depression; his anxiety is decreasing, and he loves taking lessons with you… he’s studying, he’s motivated, he’s working, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see him kind of coming out of his shell and being happy… It’s nice to see my Joseph coming back. I just wanted to tell you thanks. You two really do click, and he really enjoys lessons with you. So again thanks for working with Joe and see you tomorrow night.” (Phone message from a parent of a guitarist with ADD.)

“Scott and Bill now play piano without prompting. They really enjoy it!” (Bill and Scott were 4 and 6 years old when they started.)

“… and thank you for the great job that you are doing with Ethan. I never expected that he would not only learn piano, but that you would teach him life lessons such as decision-making and consequences as well! You have a gift of connecting with children. We need more people like you in our schools…” (Parent of a student with Developmental Delay.)

“Grace also enjoys proving her mother wrong, in part by refusing to quit piano. The now annual bet that she would cease playing by the end of the year was doubled (to $2.00) and Grace is looking forward to collecting on it. Aside from that, her favorite part of playing the piano is writing her own music.” (Her parents have come up with a novel way to motivate her to not quit music lessons. Grace has ADD. She started piano when she was 5 years old.)

“Thank you for your time, patience, and cheesy sense of humor. You’ve helped make musical history interesting, piano mechanics understandable, and playing music the fun and fulfilling activity it should be.” (Piano student with ADHD.)

“Carl comes from his lessons calm… I have to bribe him with a cookie to do his homework, but I don’t have to bribe him to practice piano… thank you for Carl’s success!” (Parent of a student with Nonverbal Learning Disorder.)

“Natalie progressed more in one year studying piano with you than the previous two years with her prior teacher.” (Mother of a piano student.)

“Matt is really excited that he is learning Ode to Joy for the recital.” (Parent of a student with Asperger’s Syndrome.)

“Thanks for all your care, patience and concern when working with Shelby. We greatly appreciate the effort you have put into opening her mind to music.” (Shelby started when she was 6 years old.)

“Geoff is amazing! My son has Down Syndrome and ADHD and really wanted to learn to play guitar. [Geoff’s] ability to think outside the box is amazing. Every week he started the lesson with, ‘I was thinking…’ and it always lead to a new strategy or unique idea.” (Statement made by a parent of a guitar student with Down Syndrome and ADHD.)

“Thanks for the years of music you brought to our home. Betsy and Evan have improved significantly over the years. Thanks!” (Evan was 6 years old when he started piano lessons and 9 years old when he started guitar; he is now 15 years old and has been studying music with me for 9 years. His sister started guitar when she was a teenager.)

“Thank you for all your help with keyboard.”
(Intellectually Challenged pianist.)

“We are lucky to have a teacher like you – you are a joy to work with.” (Parent of a pianist who started when she was 6 years old.)

“Thank you Geoff – Cathy loves her lessons with you.” (Parent of an LD student – the student has math and Executive Functioning issues.)

“You are an amazing piano teacher…” (Piano student who started when she was 6 years old.)

“Thanks for your work with Aaron I think you are fantastic, and I really appreciate all you do with him. You are a much better teacher than anyone else” (Parent of a student with ADD and Executive Functioning issues.)

“Thanks for teaching me. I had a lot of fun at the recital.” (Piano student after her first recital.)
“Brad enjoys piano lessons. I think he’s doing well on his recital pieces.” (Parent of a severely dyslexic student.)

“Thank you for a great year of music. You have been (and are) a wonderful teacher for Mike.” (Parent of a guitarist.)

“I really love playing guitar. You’re a great teacher… wax on, wax off.” (Guitarist with ADD who plans to major in music. The “wax on, wax off” is a quote from the original Karate Kid movie.)
“Mark is severely dyslexic. I’ve been surprised he has been able to learn music at all.” (Parent of a dyslexic guitarist.)

“Thank you so much for teaching me piano for three years.” (Dyslexic pianist.)

“Thanks for giving Gary and Crystal a terrific start in piano… Also, thanks very much for your extra insights into Crystal. It definitely was a big help.” (Brother and sister, the sister has dyslexia.)

“Thanks for agreeing to continue working with Kris, he has really enjoyed learning from you and it has made a real difference for him.” (Parent of a guitarist with dyslexia and ADD.)

“You wouldn’t know that some of his students have learning disabilities, because they all sound so good at the recital.” (A statement made by a parent of one of my guitar students while she was introducing me to her friend. The aforementioned guitar student plans to major in music in college.)

“Oscar and our family are truly blessed by the way you teach him guitar. We are grateful for your dedication to teach all students, even those who learn differently. It has made a huge difference in Oscar’s confidence in himself. The recital was a big step for him… He loves it coming to lessons so much. We appreciate all the extra things you do to help him learn, like your multi-sensory techniques and the ‘Fun Book’ you developed, just to name a few. Thank you!” (Parent of a student with Developmental Delay.)

“My kids actually wanted to practice.” (Parent of two students at the beginning of the second Success Music Studio lesson. The students had previously studied with another music teacher in town.)